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Not much to be said here. Haruhi Suzumiya: thinking mans waifu. My waifu. Am I a thinking man? Yes. Pretentious much? Yes, too bad. Haruhi is a god, you got that? A FUCKING GOD! You cant argue against that. You lose, no matter what. People say shes a cunt. Those people, I say - me, the thinking man - that they fucking love cocks. "47 dicks dipped into my cereal please sir" "yes, coming right up!" And thats true, trust me I did the research. 100% of Haruhi-sama non-believers LOVE dick. Can't live without it. Do you wanna be a dick lover, or a thinking man? I hope you didn't choose dick lover you fucking giant faggot. I'm here to enlighten you and develop your spiritual love for our true god, not stroke your fucking boipussi. So Haruhi, shes hot as fuck right. Big tits, good thighs. Made for breeding. Good stay at home mother type. Will raise your children, massage your shoulders, and basically do any fucking think you don't want to while you are away. Thats the best type of woman. You want food? She can make that. You want drinks? She can make that. You want a fun and entertaining soul mate with a strong will? She is that. You want literally GODLIKE sex? She can fucking do that in her sleep cunt. Haruhi Suzumiya is like fucking Hitler without the jew-killing. You literally cant loose, even if you try you'll just keep on winning! It's hard to believe, right? Sure, maybe it is, but only if you are a giant fucking athiest faggot who can't take a leap of faith for THE BEST FUCKING GODDESS EVER. Well, too bad you stupid fuck. She wins. She fucking made you, you exist because of her giant fucking jugs, those ones you can see in the above picture. If she doesn't like you, you fucking lose cunt. Game over, you are goneskys. no more compadre. So get over your faggot shit cock loving lifestyle and praise the one true goddess. So, basically, Haruhi is literally fucking heavenly, and you are fucking stupid